API Tester Tutorial

The API Store lets you interactively discover the APIs. You choose your API, select the authentication service, submit queries and view response. This enables you to better understand the APIs and authentication methods.

The API testing is provided using the API Tester and within the API Documentation. To test the APIs using the API Tester:

1.   Click the “API Tester ” link and the API Tester is displayed.

2.  Select an API from the dropdown list and the Request tab is populated.

3.  Click on the “Authentication (None)” button,

     If API is using API Key Authentication method, select “API Key” in Service Authentication dialog box. The Name and Value pair is      prepopulated. The “Query” is selected in “API Key Type”. 

     On completion the “OK” button is clicked.

     If API is using OAuth2.0 Authentication method, select “OAuth2.0” in Service Authentication dialog box.

     Select “Client Credentials” as Grant Type. Clients ID (API Key), Client Secret (API Secret), Token Endpoint are prepopulated.

     On completion the “OK” button is clicked. Enter test data in Json format to the text field in the “Request” tab.

4.  Click the “Execute Request”.

5.  The results are displayed in the “Response” tab.

Sample Code

After testing API with test data, you will be able to see sample code in Javascript, Curl, Node, Python, PHP, Ruby, Objective C, Java clicking “Show Code Sample” dropdown button in the “Query” tab.