Technical Documentation

Garanti BBVA API Store offers the opportunity for you to build applications or products for your customers using the APIs provided.

Create an Account

Register for Garanti BBVA API Portal Developer Account. 

Create Your Application

You have an active account and have logged into the API Store. Your “Dashboard” page is displayed containing your messages, your applications, the API status and Latest API Documentation. 

You are now ready to create your application:

Identify the application which will hold the APIs you will be accessing. An application can contain multiple APIs, you can also create more than one application in your account.

Create your application by clicking on the “Add Application” button. The application form is displayed in a dialog.

The “Application Information” tab, enter the name of your application, select “Platform” Type, Android/Hybrid/iOS, and enter a brief description of your application. On completing the information, click on the “API Management” tab.

In the “API Management” tab, add one or more APIs that you require for your application. After selecting the APIs, click on the “Auth” tab.

The APIs are protected by API Authentication using one of the following authentication methods:

·         API Key

·         OAuth 2.0

The API Key authentication uses an API Key name and value pair is added to the request query string of each API request.

The “OAuth2.0 with Client Credentials” is the most secure authentication method and required for applications

In the “Auth” tab, for OAuth2.0 type of service authentication select “Confidential” from the “Type”. On completing the information, click on the “Save” button the register your application. 


Get Full API Access

You are now ready to start development of your new application. The API Store provides you with API documentation and interactive API testing capabilities.

API Documentation

The information required for each API is provided in the “Documentation” page and is accessed by clicking on the “Documentation” menu item in the home page of the API Store.

The API documentation provides;

·         Description of the API

·         Endpoint URL definitions

·         Technology stack

·         Request definition and sample request message

·         Response definition and sample response message

·         Return codes and Error Handling information and Error Message

API Testing

The API Store lets you interactively discover the APIs. You choose your API, select the authentication service, submit queries and view response. This enables you to better understand the APIs and authentication methods.

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